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Our Products/The Deal With Ice Cream Cakes

We like to have fun and inspire adventure and creativity in others. Our SEVEN FEATURE FLAVOURS  are ever-changing and available by the scoop (in a cup) and sometimes by the pint.

Standard products

These are the products that you will always find available in our shop – they have earned a permanent space on our shelves and our customers’ hearts over our 8 years (!) in production.

Our SEVEN STANDARD SANDWICH flavours include both organic dairy and dairy free options. There is even a vegan option.

  • Vanilla Bean ice cream with Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Choc O’clock (Rich, organic chocolate ice cream with Chocolate Butter Cookies)
  • Golden Graham (Salted Caramel ice cream, Graham Crumb cookies)
  • Hoyne Brewing Dark Matter Beer ice cream with vanilla macarons
  • (VEGAN) coconut milk Vanilla Bean “ice cream” with salted top chocolate chip vegan cookies
  • (df/gf) Peppermint & Chipped Chocolate (mint coconut milk “ice cream” & chips, cocoa dac)
  • (df/gf) Sea Salt & Caramel (Caramelized sugar coconut milk “ice cream”, vanilla dacquoise)

Our  SEVEN STANDARD PINT flavours include organic dairy and dairy free / vegan options.

  • Classic Vanilla Bean : made with fairly traded organic vanilla pod seeds 
  • The Best Chocolate : made with fairly traded organic Valrhona chocolate. It earned its name.
  • Sea Salt & Caramel : caramelized sugar and local sea salt. Super smooth and creamy.
  • Rosemary & Sour Cherry : the first flavour we concocted back in 2010. Still mom’s favourite.
  • (VEGAN) Sea Salt & Caramel (Caramelized sugar and local sea salt coconut milk “ice cream”)
  • (VEGAN) Chocolate & Sour Cherries Super rich chocolate “ice cream” with sour cherry juice & sour cherries
  • (VEGAN) Vanilla Bean: Coconut milk, organic cane sugar, vanilla seeds & extract, sea salt. 

The Deal With Ice Cream Cakes

**please note we are not taking cake orders at this time due to COVID uncertainty. (march 21) 

Our ice cream cakes are talked about long after the party is over. Now, brace yourself for this next bit because it might sound harsh but it’s not meant to, we just want to be clear and to avoid any disappointment…Basically, we are the boss of the cake and you need to be okay with that. There is not a cake menu. It will most likely be something within the lines of this crowd pleasing flavour profile : vanilla bean, salted caramel, and chocolate. Here are the cake rules:

Large (10-12 people, $60) or Small (6-8 people, $40). Your choice!

We require minimum 3 days notice.

Allergies and dietary restrictions will be accommodated. You may tell us what NOT to include.

Specific preference requests will be CONSIDERED BUT NOT GUARANTEED.

Basically the less fussy you are, the happier we are to make you a stunning cake, loaded with love, that you and your party won’t soon forget. <3

Special Orders (standard flavours)

To request special orders for your event, or to have some Cold Comfort delivered to the workplace, or someone’s home, contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate, time permitting.