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When we have extra time (ha!) we dabble in making one of a kind ICE CREAM CAKES.  Pricing is about $5.50 per person: $40 FOR A 6-8 person cake, $60 for a 10-12 person cake.We might have one available in the shop, but if not just give us a few days notice, choose ONE FLAVOUR PROFILE  TO INCLUDE (vanilla, caramel, chocolate, or fruit) any amount of ingredients to AVOID, and we’ll take it from there! **PLEASE APPRECIATE THAT WE ARE A VERY SMALL OPERATION, and that especially in the busy summer season cake requests are difficult to cater to all the time. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding that we need to work with the small batches that we have running. If you really want a cake from us we will make something unique and wonderful with our creative juices, time permitting. :)