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The Deal with Cold Comfort / Donut Friday

Quality is imperative.

We are dedicated to making a high-density, quality ice cream. We do our best to avoid any ingredients that have been genetically modified and we use mostly organic ingredients, incorporating local fruits, herbs, and other locally produced items when possible. We use organic cane sugar and sometimes honey or pure maple syrup to sweeten the mix. Our organic eggs, cream, and milk are from Avalon (on the mainland).

We use natural ingredients; we don’t shortcut by using artificial flavours, preservatives, emulsifiers, starches or stabilizers. Our overrun (air content) is remarkably low, which means more dense satisfaction in every mouthful.

You and Dairy don’t get along? We also make a dairy-free version of ice cream. It is essentially a sorbet, and the ingredients are usually not a lot more than coconut milk, organic cane sugar, and sea salt. Simple, rich, creamy, and delicious. You might not notice a difference. Some of our ice cream sandwich cookies are dacquoise (made with almond flour & meringue), so there are many options with non-glutenous ingredients.

About our classic products 


DONUT DAY is OVER. it’s ok we will introduce something new and exciting to drag you in on the coolest winter night… 

We are so happy for Mel – the Empire donut Queen! She has created her dream kitchen and shop and will be serving up fried chicken and donuts in Cook St Village!! Go check it out!!!!