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70% Vegan and rising…

2019 May 15

Due to an increasing interest and demand for vegan and dairy-free ice “cream” – not to mention an increasingly problematic shortage of organic cream supply – we are finding ourselves making more and more of the coconut milk-based stuff these days. Vegans rejoice! Dairy lovers lament…

Though we always strive to do our very best to please everyone, and accommodate everyone’s intolerances and preferences, it seems that climate change – combined with monopolization of the organic dairy industry in B.C. – is contributing to the decline of organic cream sustainability. We refuse to move backward by settling for conventional dairy products. For this reason we are moving to focus mainly on producing plant-based ice “cream”s for our customers to enjoy.

We have already been shorted on several organic dairy orders this season – sometimes we might receive a small portion of what we ordered, other times we won’t receive any at all, and without notice. We have been informed by our distributor that the situation is only going to get worse, As Avalon Organic is not producing even 2/10ths enough organic whipping cream to fill their orders.

So, we make more delicious, creamy and interesting flavours with coconut milk. If you haven’t tried ours yet, we invite you to step aboard and explore the more sustainable, plant-based ice “cream” of the now… <3