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Updated Flavour Archive May 2013

2013 May 27



  1. 10-herb ice milk (from mint to oregano to catnip!)
  2. After Eight (natural peppermint with chocolate brownies)
  3. Ambrosia – Vanilla and Raspberry with muscat grape wine, apricots and lemon thyme pockets
  4. Apricot, Almond, Chardonnay & Bay Laurel ice cream
  5. Apricot Oat
  6. Avocadive Margarita sorbet (tequila, lime, triple sec, avocado)
  7. Bacon, Brown Sugar & Buttermilk ice cream
  8. Banana Bread ice cream
  9. Banana Colada (with fresh pineapple sorbet and rummy coconut “ice cream”)
  10. Banana & Strawberry sorbet
  11. Banana & cardamom ice cream
  12. Banana & Maple Walnut Butter
  13. Banana & PB Chocolate chip cookie “ice cream”
  14. Bastani – Persian style – Rose, Saffron w/pillows of frozen whipped cream
  15. Bay & Birch
  16. Bay Laurel & Cinnamon ice cream
  17. Belle Royale Belgian Cherry Beer ice cream with sour cherry swirl
  18. Best Break-up Ever ice cream (true cold comfort)
  19. Bee’s Knee’s (lavender, blueberry, orange blossom macaroon)
  20. Blackberry and Lavender
  21. Black Forest Brownie ice cream
  22. Black Tea with Milk and Sugar
  23. Black & Tan Fantasy ice cream (Vanilla Bean w/Fudge & Salt Butter Caramel)
  24. Blood Orange sorbet
  25. Blue Cheese & Honey ice cream
  26. Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream
  27. Blueberry & Earl Grey ice cream
  28. Booze-soaked Cake and ice cream (coffee liqueur, apricot brandy, port, rum)
  29. Bourbon Vanilla & Salted Butter Caramel Swirl
  30. Breakfast (Bacon & Egg & Coffee ice cream)
  31. Brown Butter & Brown Sugar ice cream
  32. Brown Sugar and Blueberries
  33. Burnt Sugar and Cocoa
  34. Buttermilk ice cream (with candied bacon)
  35. Butternut Squash & Sage Brown Butter Crumble ice cream
  36. Butternut Squash & Cumin ice cream
  37. Butternut Squash & Rosemary ice cream
  38. Brandy Alexander – Brandy, Creme de Cocoa and nutmeg
  39. ButterScotch & Salted Pecan Praline
  40. Caffe Fantastico Coffee ice cream
  41. Canadian Breakfast (buttermilk, candied bacon bits, blueberry pancakes & maple syrup)
  42. Candy Cane ice cream
  43. Caramelized Organic Banana with Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Crumble
  44. Caramelized Onion & Sherry ice cream
  45. Cardamom, Black Pepper & Plum ice cream
  46. Cardamom & Brandied Fig ice cream
  47. Carrot Cake ice cream w/Cream Cheese Icing
  48. Cereal ice cream (cornflakes & grapenuts)
  49. Chamomile Tea w/Blueberry Swirl
  50. Cherry Wine Kisses Sorbet
  51. Chocolate ice cream with candied orange peel
  52. Chocolate Cherry ice cream
  53. Christmas Treemsicle (Douglas Fir ice cream, mandarin orange sorbet)
  54. Cidra Pomona (local apple cider ice cream with roasted apples)
  55. Cinnamon w/pine nut praline ice cream
  56. Citrus Meringue Pie (lemon, orange, graham cracker crust and meringues)
  57. Classic Dark Chocolate ice cream
  58. Clove ice cream with Sour Cherries & Fresh Ginger
  59. Coffee & Toast ice cream
  60. CointrOrange Creamcicle sherbet (with Cointreau)
  61. Columba Easter Bread Pudding ice cream
  62. Concord Grape sorbet
  63. Cotton Candy Ice Cream
  64. Coronation Grape St. Sorbet
  65. Cranberry & Grapefruit sorbet
  66. Cucumber, Victoria Gin, and Watermelon
  67. Crimson & Clove (Clove ice cream with Cranberry & Red Vermouth)
  68. Dairy-free Bad Medicine (w/honey, lemon, fresh ginger, brandy, cayenne, oil of oregano
  69. Dairy-free Black Forest Stracciatella
  70. Dairy-free Black Pepper “ice cream”
  71. Dairy-free Caramel Coconut “ice cream”
  72. Dairy-free Caramel Coconut “ice cream” with dried banana praline
  73. Dairy-free Caramel “ice cream” w/sponge toffee pieces
  74. Dairy-free Caramelized Banana, Coconut & Rum
  75. Dairy-free Carrot, Orange & Ginger “ice cream”
  76. Dairy-free Chamomile “ice cream”
  77. Dairy-free Citrus and Spice “ice cream” (w/lemon lime and orange)
  78. Dairy-free Chamomile  “ice cream”
  79. Dairy-free Chocolate  w/ Mango
  80. Dairy-free Cocoa “ice cream”
  81. Dairy-free Coconut Milk Caramel (with cacao nib praline) “ice cream”
  82. Dairy-free Fresh and Candied Ginger “ice cream”
  83. Dairy-free “Fruit Loops” ice cream (lemongrass & lime & coriander)
  84. Dairy-free Gilligan’s Island (organic banana chip praline, coconut milk and rum)
  85. Dairy-free Gingerbread “ice cream”
  86. Dairy-free Green Gage Plum, Tamarind & Pepper
  87. Dairy-free Lime, Coconut & Clove
  88. Dairy-free “Oh, My!” Tai (Falernum, passionfruit, lotsa rum)
  89. Dairy-free Pepita Hot Chocolate “ice cream”
  90. Dairy-free Rose & Chocolate
  91. Dairy-free Rum, Banana & Coconut “ice cream”
  92. Dairy-free Salted Licorice with Goodies
  93. Dairy-free Sour Cherry and Lime “ice cream”
  94. Dairy-free Toasted Coconut “ice cream”
  95. Dairy-free Triple berry with chocolate
  96. Dark and Stormy ice cream (with Philips Ginger Beer)
  97. Dr.Pepper Float ice cream
  98. Dude (White Russian ice cream)
  99. East is East – tamarind, cardamom – coconut ice cream

100. Eggnog ice cream (with dark rum and brandy)

101. English Breakfast Tea & Brandied Sour Cherry ice cream

102. Farmgirl (heavy cream, butter cookie, sour cream, cream cheese)

103. Fawlty Towers – fresh basil with fresh mint and sour cherry swirl

104. Fennel, Star Anise & Caramelized Pear ice cream

105. Fennel & Citrus ice cream

106. Fig and Gingerbread ice cream

107. Flowers and Fruit – Orange blossom and Hibiscus w/red raspberry sour cherry swirl

108. Frangelico and Local Pear

109. Fresh Fig ice cream w/ Strawberry Balsamic syrup

110. Fresh Ginger ice cream

111. Fresh Mint & Chocolate ice cream

112. Giffard Violette ice cream w/frozen green grapes

113. Gin and Tonic

114. Ginger & Coconut “ice cream”

115. Ginger’s Revenge

116. Gingilla

117. Goat Cheese & Lavender ice cream

118. Grandma’s Grasshopper (crème de menthe, chocolate, crème de cacao)

119. Herbal Chai Tea ice cream

120. His Nibs’ Chocolate ice cream (with Valrhona and cacao nibs)

121. Hojicha Umeboshi ice cream (Japanese tea & pickled plum)

122. Homage to “Fromage to Eternity” (blue cheese, martini bianco, walnuts), a tribute to the cocktail at Veneto in Victoria.

123. Honey & Lavender ice cream

124. Honey Roasted Apricot & lemon thyme

125. Horchata ice cream (ground & toasted Rice ice cream with cinnamon & vanilla)

126. Hot Chocolate (cayenne, cinnamon, cocoa) ice cream

127. Irish Cream ice cream with butter caramel

128. Jamaican Allspice & Ataulfo Mango

129. Jasmine Tea ice cream

130. Kaffir Lime frozen yogurt

131. Lemon Ice Cream w/Lemon Curd

132. Lemon Ice cream with Saffron

133. Lemon Meringue Pie

134. Lemon Poppy Seed & Fig ice cream

135. Lemongrass Coconut “ice cream” with Thai Basil “ice cream”

136. Lemongrass & Ginger ice cream

137. Lemongrass & Thai Basil “ice cream”

138. Lime in the Coconut

139. Local Damson Plum and Juniper ice cream

140. Local Lavender ice cream w/raspberry swirl

141. Local Mulberry & Clove ice cream

142. Local Mulberry Sherbet

143. Local pie pumpkin ice cream (ice cream pie drizzled with maple)

144. Logan Tay Grey Sorbet (loganberry, Earl Grey Tea)

145. Lotus Tea ice cream

146. Maccha tea ice cream

147. Malbec, sour cherry & almond ice cream

148. Malted Milk ice cream

149. Mango & Coconut “ice cream”

150. Maple Pecan Pie ice cream

151. Meds  granita ( lemon, brandy, cayenne, honey)

152. Melon granita

153. Mexican chocolate ice cream (cayenne, cocoa, cinnamon)

154. Mexican Vanilla ice cream

155. Milk Chocolate & Black Pepper ice cream

156. Milk Chocolate Egg Hunt ice cream (with mini eggs)

157. Milk Chocolate Mint

158. Mimosa Sorbet (champagne and orange juice)

159. Monkey’s lunch (dairy free peanut butter ice cream with flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies & banana chips

160. Nanaimo Bar ice cream

161. Nanaimo Ice Cream Bars!

162. Natural Licorice (fennel, anise, star anise) “ice cream”

163. Olive Oil ice cream with Balsamic-Honey Ripple

164. Oolong Tea & Sour Cherry ice cream

165. Orange & Clove ice cream

166. Orange Blossom ice cream

167. Organic Banana ice cream w/Scotch Whiskey & Salted Butter Caramel Sauce

168. Organic Local Kiwifruit sorbet

169. Papaya & Pear Sorbet

170. Peach Rosemary Sorbet

171. PB&J (Peanut Butter ice cream with Grape Sorbet)

172. Peanut Butter ice cream with Chocolate Ganache

173. Penny’s Mincemeat ice cream

174. Peppered Goat’s Milk ice cream w/nutmeg and candied orange

175. Pink Elephant Sorbet – watermelon, fresh pink grapefruit, fresh lime and vodka

176. Pink Peppercorn ice cream

177. Plum Brandy and Golden Plum Sorbet

178. Plum Brandy and Prune Plum ice cream

179. Plum & Chocolate port sherbet

180. Polish Kiss (Roasted Apple, Zubrowka & Cinnamon)

181. Popped Corn ice cream with Caramel Corn Praline

182. PureBread (Crunchy Cinnamon toast in Cream Cheese ice cream)

183. Raspberry Rose ice cream

184. Raspberry Rose Sorbet

185. Raspberry/Cheese/Cake ice cream

186. Red-headed Stepchild “ice cream” (carrots, ginger, orange)

187. Red Velvet ice cream (cheesecake dyed red with beets + chocolate)

188. Rhubarb ice cream w/ sour cherry swirl

189. Rhubarb Crumble ice cream

190. Rhubarb & Basil sorbet

191. Rhubarb & Elderflower sorbet

192. Rhubarb Ginger

193. Roasted banana ice cream

194. Roasted Bartlett Pear ice cream

195. Roasted pear cheesecake ice cream

196. Rooibos & Tayberry ice cream

197. Root Beer ice cream (with sarsaparilla & sassafrass)

198. Rosemary & Sour Cherry ice cream

199. ROYGBIV (puffy red “strawberry” candy ice cream with Rainbow Nerds

200. Rum-soaked raisin ice cream

201. Rum and Cola ice cream

202. Sage ice cream with Fresh Grapefruit Swirl

203. Salt and Pepper

204. Salted Caramel ice cream

205. Salted Caramel Sponge Toffee “ice cream”

206. Salmiak (Salted Dutch Licorice) ice cream

207. Scotch Whisky ice cream with butter caramel

208. Singularity Russian Imperial Stout ice cream

209. Silky Oatmeal (with cinnamon and rum-soaked raisins)

210. S’mores ice cream (Toasted Marshmallow ice cream, graham crackers, chocolate)

211. Speculoos (Flemish-Dutch Gingerbread) ice cream

212. Spiced Lemon *ice cream* (clove, coriander)

213. Strawberry & Balsamic Syrup ice cream

214. Strawberry & Black Pepper ice cream

215. Strawberry & Orange ice cream

216. Strawberry Rhubarb ice cream

217. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie – Strawberry Ice Cream with Frozen Whipped Cream Chunks

218. Summoning Summer Sorbet (cantaloupe, mint, lime and vodka)

219. Toast & Orange Marmalade ice cream

220. Toasted Coconut ice cream

221. Tropical Stripe Sorbet – mango, banana w/ kaffir lime leaves

222. Umeboshi (Japanese Pickled Plum) & Cranberry Sorbet

223. Vanilla Bean ice cream

224. Vanilla Bean ice cream w/Local Pear Crumble

225. Victoria Gin ice cream

226. Watermelon & Mint sorbet

227. Watermelon Vodka Sorbet

228. White Tiger (anise, fennel, orange zest)

229. Yirgacheffe Coffee ice cream