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Moss Street Holiday Market

2011 December 06

Your local Cold Comfort representative will be anticipating your visit this coming Sunday December 11,  at 10:00am until 4:00pm for the Moss Street Holiday Market in the basketball court outside the school (where Moss Street Market normally is). We will be all bundled up, drinking hot tea and selling our latest seasonally-inspired flavours of ice cream for you to enjoy with your holiday feasts, as well as our charming gift [post]cards – (as mentioned on CBC radio). It’s a very special and unique gift idea for the most difficult-to-peg people. Also, we will be selling packages of MERINGUE NESTS ($3) for you to serve your ice cream in. Only $1 with purchase of  2 pints!

PLUS, in case you haven’t heard, Cold Comfort is participating in the 12 Days of Christmas – CASH MOB! In honour of the occasion, we will be selling mixed grab bags of ice cream sandwiches (4 per bag) for 20 bucks (normally 24). We have been warned that we will be “mobbed” by people who want to support their local businesses at 1:00 p.m. so come on and hit me with your best shot! “We” will be ready!