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Gift (post)Cards are Back!

2011 November 17

For the ice cream lover in your life, give the gift of ice cream. On their terms.

Here’s the deal:

  1. You buy the cute little postcard (stamp included) and slip it in an envelope (or a stocking).
  2. The lucky ice cream lover opens it with delight, saves it for a rainy day and proceeds to fill out the back of the card (desired flavour and contact), stamp it, and slip it in any old-fashioned “snail mail” box.
  3. Within 7 – 14 days, they will be contacted by one eager ice cream maker to hear ” Cold Comfort calling…your ice cream is ready”.
  4. We’ll work out the details for delivery and very shortly after that, your special friend will be diving in to a long-anticipated pint of ice cream that was prepared especially for them! All this for only twenty five bucks, plus you get the added bonus of being on that person’s “top five people” list (like you weren’t already there!)

*Delivery only within the city of Victoria, and no gold or silver or cash-infused ice cream. You know…let’s be reasonable. “We” are a very small outfit here. ;)

Want one? Contact me. Or find me at the market. I’ll be downtown at the Winter Farmers’ Market  in Market Square, every second Saturday, starting November 19th.

Cold Comfort Gift Certificate