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Autumn Is Upon Us…

2011 September 21

…but that doesn’t mean nobody’s allowed to eat ice cream! It just means that the ice cream lovers and the ice cream makers need to find new ways of connecting! It also means that the flavours are going to be shifting from refreshing & cooling (summer berries, lemons, herbs) to warming and comforting (pears, plums, chocolate, caramel, wine, beer, spirits!!!) to go with your  hot delicious local fruit pies. Check in here on the Journal once in a while, or let us keep you up to date on how you can get your paws on some of our yummy ice creams on the facebook page .

Need a little pick-me-up to get you through your seemingly-lenthened, suddenly-short-on-natural-light work day? Rally people together at your work (minimum 10) and have some Cold Comfort delivered to help you along. Just send us an email. Order something specific (1 week in advance) or ask what we’ve got ready for instant satisfaction.

Special event? Nothing says “special” like delicious, locally & custom-made ice cream sandwiches. Let’s work together to create something that will fit the audience and the mood perfectly. Contact us now.