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Home of Cold Comfort

Miss Cold Comfort with ice cream

We make real ice cream.

A lot of folks say it’s the best they’ve ever had.

It’s small batch, quality ice cream, born of creative force, care and intention. Curious, seasonally inspired flavours, and hand-crafted locally in small batches using local and organic ingredients, our ice cream is sure to give you a memorable experience.

Cold Comfort Headquarters (HQ) is fun and we are located at 1115 North Park Street, in the same block as Mt. Royal Bagels, Jones’ BBQ and Patisserie Daniel. You are welcome to park in our lot!

We try to make something for everyone: dairy free (coconut milk) “ice creams”, (unofficially) “gluten-free” ice cream sandwich cookies (almond flour & meringue), vegan pints and a vegan ice cream sandwich (rotating flavour), even sometimes a diabetic friendly sugar-free ice cream (made with xylitol).

Our best-selling products are our ice cream sandwiches. We also offer pints of ice cream to take home.

Every day we have 7 unique, ever-changing flavours available by the scoop:

2 small scoops per cup for $5, tax included. You may choose one or two flavours.

We are somewhat unconventional – we don’t offer cones! You are welcome to bring your own cone if it is a deal breaker for you.

We’ve produced over 400 flavours so far… (check out our flavour archive!)

Come visit us.