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Home of Cold Comfort

Miss Cold Comfort with ice cream

We make ice cream.

A lot of folks say it’s the best they’ve ever had.

It’s small batch, quality ice cream, born of pure creative force. Curiously-flavoured, seasonally inspired, and locally hand-crafted, our goal is to give you a memorable ice cream experience.

Cold Comfort Headquarters (HQ) is located at 1115 North Park Street, right next door to Fernwood Coffee’s Parsonage Cafe, in the same block as Mt. Royal Bagels and Patisserie Daniel.

We don’t just sell ice cream in our shop. We also have some random house-made treats and desirables (including cookies, chocolates, salted butter caramel sauce, bar soap, and our own “Happy Hour” bar nut mix), as well as a few of our favourite locally made products including bread, cheese crackers, pies, and Abeego (re-useable beeswax) food wraps.

Full and empty canning jars in the pretty light

Cold Comfort products are also available at 10 locally-minded, quality food establishments here in Victoria! You may find our Ice Cream Pints & our Ice Cream Sandwiches around town.
New flavours are being created weekly. We’ve produced over 340 flavours so far… (check out our flavour archive!)

Quality is imperative.

We are dedicated to making a high-density, quality ice cream. We do our best to avoid any ingredients that have been genetically modified and we use mostly organic ingredients, incorporating local fruits, herbs, and other locally produced items when possible. We use organic cane sugar and sometimes honey or pure maple syrup to sweeten the mix. Our organic eggs, cream, and milk are from Avalon (on the mainland).

Rosemary & sour cherry buttercookie, House made honey nougat

We use natural ingredients; we don’t cheat by using artificial flavours, preservatives, emulsifiers, starches or stabilizers. Our overrun (air content) is remarkably low, which means more dense satisfaction in every mouthful.

You and Dairy don’t get along? We also make a dairy-free version of ice cream. It is essentially a sorbet, and the ingredients are usually not a lot more than coconut milk, organic cane sugar, and sea salt. Simple, rich, creamy, and delicious. You might not notice a difference.

Our ice cream sandwiches are most often made with French macarons (almond flour+meringue) or dacquoise (thin almond sponge cake), so they are almost always made without flour. They make a nice chewy pair of vessels for our creamy iced concoctions! Sometimes butter cookies or brownies are a more appropriate pairing, depending on the desired effect.

Come visit us.